Sideshow Ballys and Banners
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Sacramento, California USA

Here are some photos of Golden Age carnival sideshow bally platforms and banners.

Eventually we hope to display images of the most prominent sideshow banner artists of the Golden Age, including Johnny Meah, Jack Cripe, Fred Johnson, Al Renton, Snap Wyatt, and Jack Sigler.

See our Sideshow Performers page for photos of various show people of the Golden Age.

Sideshow Bally Platforms and Banners
Veal Brother's European Wonder Show
1920 sideshow bally platform and bannerline
Veal Brother's
European Wonder Show
1920 sideshow bally platform
Veal Brother's European Wonder Show
1920 sideshow banner
Clyde Beatty Circus Sideshow
bally platform & entrance
sideshow lecturer or talker
(known as a "barker" to the general public)
carnival snake show
"King Reid Presents
Death Valley Killers"
sideshow girl show entrance & ticket booth
sideshow girl show entrance
Sideshow Mermaid Show
ticket taker, platform & banners
sideshow bally, ticket taker and the tip
("turning the tip")
Sideshow Banner: "Third Sex Family,
The Francos"
circus sideshow bally platform, banners, performers & tip
Dodson's Side Show, c.1920s
"Ubangi Savages"
Brockton County Fair, Mass. 1934
Hagen Brothers Circus Side Show c.1950s
Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus Side Show
Dailey Brothers Circus Museum bally platform
girl show (or "hootch show") bally
outside lecturer & four performers
Coney Island Dreamland Sideshow
Viking Giant on bally platform
Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus Sides Show 1959
Pendleton, Oregon
unidentified carnival & sideshow
steps to performer's platform
unknown carnival sideshow
Mimi Garneau (left)
sword swallower on bally platform unidentified sideshow
World's Strangest Babies
sideshow bannerline
Betty Willis
Vermont 1941
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