P.T. Barnum's Handwriting & Signature
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Here is an outstanding article that contains information on P.T. Barnum's handwriting and signature. Author Stuart Lutz is a noted expert and dealer in historic documents.

The article originally appeared as "A Sucker for Autographs," in
Autograph Collector, September, 1998.

Mr. Lutz graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 1992 with a degree in American History and has been widely published in history periodicals.

He is the author of
The Last Leaf: Final Witnesses to History (Cardoza, 2005), which includes a reminiscence of Houdini's last employee.
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This article is reprinted here at The House of Deception with the author's kind permission.
He may be contacted at:

Stuart Lutz Historic Documents, Inc.
784 Morris Turnpike, PMB #161
Short Hills, New Jersey 07078-2698
Toll Free Phone 1 (877) I-BUY-DOCS [428-9362]
Toll Free Fax 1 (877) 9-FAX-DOCS [932-9362]

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P. T.  Barnum's Handwriting and Signature
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