The House of Deception is dedicated to the history of the deceptive arts, including magic, carnival sideshows, and pro wrestling.

The three crafts have many traditions and principles in common and, in the Golden Age of Show Business, were very much alike in practice.
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Carnival & Sideshow History
Here is an overview of our contents:

The History of Magic (Stage Conjuring)

Magic History Books (Bibliography)
Magic History Links
Photos of Famous Golden Age Magicians, 1875-1948, including:
The Herrmanns
Fredrick Eugene Powell
T. Nelson Downs
Chung Ling Soo
Dante...and many more
An Article on Houdini's Handwriting and Collecting Houdiniana
A Tribute to James B. "Jimmy" Findlay, Renowned Collector and Historian
Magic in Works of Fine Art
Related Topic: History of Ventriloquism

The History of Pro Wrestling

Pro Wrestling History Books (Bibliography)
Pro Wrestling History Links
Cauliflower Alley Club
Sacramento Pro Wrestling History
Wrestling Promoter Roy Shire
Wrestling Announcer Hank Renner
Wrestler Gorgeous George
Wrestler and author Jack Laskin